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Westfield (H)

Godalming Town 1 – 4 Westfield

Even after four straight wins in the league this was always going to be a tough game for the Gees against the run-away leaders. The score line flattered the visitors in the end, but they deserved the result for some fine finishing.

From Michaels stats below, you will see that they scored from every shot they had on target, while the home team had the majority of the possession far more attempts on goal. For me Westfield also had a fair slice of luck with some offside decisions.

The home side started well with some very impressive short passes in the visitor’s half and winning themselves a corner early on. From that there was a good build up including Bobby Bennett who had a couple of interchanges with the quick-thinking Ben Cotton. The pair had the visiting defence in a spin as Ben made his way to the line and cut the ball back square towards to the goal, where Romario Hart was on hand to poke the ball home from close range. It all looked so simple.

The home side continued to look dangerous with Romario Hart causing problems for his markers and Bobby Webbe getting in on the act. Bobby Bennett worked his way into the Westfield 6 yard box and when the ball came to his feet he turned on a sixpence and hit a good low shot that was well saved by the visiting keeper.

But it did not take the leaders long to get back on terms. When the Gees were unable to cut out a move on their visitors left, the ball was played over the top to the far side and found its way to their number 9 Max Blackmore, who was able to cut inside the Gees defence, putting him one on one with the Gees keeper Adain Upward, who could do little to stop the equaliser.

Piers Oldland hit an impressive shot from range that went wide. The Gees never looked like they were outplayed and had plenty of possession, but shortly before half time succumbed to another goal.

HT Godalming 1-2 Westfield

In the second half the Gees put plenty of pressure on the Westfield goal with a shot from a Bobby Webbe free kick well saved by the visiting keeper low down and even more possession, but no goals.

The game then became disjointed with numerous stoppages and it seemed the Westfield defence was bossing the Gees much smaller team.

One of the early stoppages was for Ben Cotton who looked to have suffered a ham string pull as he was trying to play a bouncing ball and feel to his knees. The visitors gained possession and quickly played the ball forward and scored from what seemed to be a clear offside position. Ben was subbed off for Hakim Griffiths.

Already short on centre backs the home side saw Steve Betancourt subbed for Dom Hardisty who went to left back with Lewis Lodge moving to partner Chad Goulter with Isy Nzelo at right back. Benga Ogunseye came on for Piers later in the game. A fourth goal came in added time and again looked suspiciously offside. However, the goal stands despite the protests.

All in all a good enough performance from the home team all round and they should be confident that they will pick up more points in the coming weeks.



Michael (Stato) Stats

Teams            G’s                Westfield

attempts         11                          7

on target           5                          4

corners              4                          0

fouls                   9                        16

cards                   1                          2

poss% 1st         60                        40

poss% 2nd        58                        42

Bovril status:  Some days are made for velvety smooth beefy magic.  Today was one and the team of elite chefs at the Over Door delivered the goods warming the very heart of my cockles!

Farnham Town (A)

Farnham Town 1 – 2 Godalming Town

This was another gutsy performance from the squad, which demonstrated real belief and character to come back and take all three points after going down to an early goal. It is also worth reading the independent report  at:- (Go “shorts man”!)

It was another freezing cold night and although the Gees started well, with pretty well the same line up as started on Saturday, they went down to an early goal, which was the first of three crackers on the night. The first proper attack from the home side saw the ball whipped in diagonally and an acrobatic shot on the volley that found its way into the corner of the Gees net giving Aiden no chance.

As they have done on other occasions, the Gees did not let it phase them. Before long they won a free kick out on the right, beautifully played in to the 6-yard box by Bobby Webbe and Steve Bettancourt bundled the ball in only for the referee to rule offside after checking with his assistant. So, Steve did not get on the score sheet.

Romario Hart and Luke Haskell were involved in some good attacking moves and looked threatening. Luke then received a ball over the home defence, which he calmly controlled and lobbed the advancing keeper to bring the scores level.

HT Farnham Town 1-1 Godalming Town

While the first half was pretty even, the Gees upped the tempo in the second and launched numerous attacks and long shots from Piers Oldland, Bobby Bennett, and Bobby Webbe.

Much of the play was a bit scrappy. I was told by the lads afterwards that the pitch was not that good to play on. It did not stop Jack Howard being his usual impressive, energetic self in the midfield.

Late on in the second half, after a number of attempts on the home goal, Bobby Webbe in the middle of the pitch hit a superb left footed curling shot from 25 yards that settled the result and gave the Gees all three points.

Benga Ogunseye came on for Luke Haskell, Tre Trowers for  Piers Oldland who was painfully incapacitated during a tackle and Isy Nzelo for Romario Hart who had been a threat with his pace all game.

One of the memorable highlights of the second half was when Lewis Lodge played a ball out of defence up the line and the linesman went scampering well on the pitch apparently in hot pursuit.  Looked like he wanted to make his mark and get on the score sheet himself. He said it was something to do with the floodlights.

A great win for the squad and of course for Gav and Jon who through their hard work have given us a competitive squad once again. Thanks to all of you.

There is much more hard work to be done to make the Gees safe in the League, starting with an encounter with the league leaders Westfield, but after four wins in a row we must face them with renewed confidence. It is bound to be tough. All the games are tough. If we perform to our best who knows what will happen.


Michael (Stato) Stats

Provided by Dave

Teams                Farnham               G’s

attempts                  7                        11

on target                 4                           5

corners                    3                           6

fouls                       20                        12

bookings                  2                         2

poss% 1st              50                        50

poss% 2nd             40                        60


Bovril status:  Two words no-one like to hear on a cold winters evening… “No Bovril”…..  I ask you….

(Ladies) Hampton and Richmond (H)

GTFC Ladies 1 – 0 Hampton and Richmond Ladies

This was another strong performance from the impressive GTFC Ladies. The scoreline does not reflect the dominance of the Gees throughout the game.

It took some 25 minutes for the home team to open the scoring when they had dominated possession from the start. Toni West may well have caused the visiting keeper to momentarily lapse concentration when dealing with a high ball and not holding it. Once the ball was on the floor, T was able to shield it with her back to the goal and play it back 4-5 metres to Tamara Sidwell who took the opportunity well.

In the second half the home side applied even more pressure and had some good strikes from Ella Chandler, Laura Funnell and Becky Bloor saved by the visiting keeper.

An impressive performance again, which you would have expected to have produced more goals. Well done GTFC Ladies.

The last few years have been tough for GTFC with the relegation the men’s first team and the one good thing we have been able to point to is the huge success of the Ladies teams. Keep up the good work Ladies.

Horley Town (H)

Godalming Town 2 – 0 Horley

The Gees gave their fans a great display, 3 points and another clean sheet on Saturday despite having a reported seven of the regular squad unavailable.

The start of the game saw the home side playing towards the road end and by far the livelier, despite the visitors being at the top of the table and their hosts at the bottom. The Gees had newcomers Aiden Upward in goal, just signed on dual registration with Farnborough and at No 9 Luke Haskell in the starting line-up along with Robert Webbe and Bobby Bennett who were both back from injury.

Dom Hardisty and Isy Nzelo were the full backs and Josh Kempton and Chad Goulter as centre backs, Ben Cotton, Jack Howard, Robert Webbe in the midfield with Bobby Bennett and Piers Oldland wide and Luke Hakell upfront. On the bench were Tre Trowers, Romario Hart, Gavin Smith Tom Webb and Alex Rodriguez.

After ten minutes of Gees pressure the home side almost conceded from an enormous throw in that ended bobbling around dangerously, but eventually was cleared. On 25 minutes Piers Oldland who bagged a brace of goals last week tried a long-range attempt from the left, which the visiting keeper did well to dive and just tip over the bar. Then, towards the end of the first half, Ben Cotton, who seems to be getting back to full match fitness, pinched the ball in the middle of the pitch and delivered a super through pass for Luke Haskell to make his way past one defender and then slot the ball past the advancing keeper to put the Gees 1-0 up.

HT Godalming Town 1-0 Horley Town

It would seem that Horley got a bit of a talking to at half time as they played with much greater urgency in the second half, but despite a number of attempts from some distance they struggled to get many shots on target. The visitors had much more possession but could not make it count.

Then, after Romario Hart had come on to replace Luke Haskell and when Horley began to flag a little, the Gees produced a good passing move that ended with last week’s hero Piers Oldland finishing off the move to the delight of the Gees supporters, to put them 2-0 up.

In truth he could have had a brace yet again and probably should have when he missed another chance from close range. Great to see him rewarded after being out injured for such a long time. Horley, according to Michael’s figures below, despite much approach work and endeavour only made 2 attempts on target in the whole game.

So, on to Tuesday night, when the Gees visit Farnham in what must be a six pointer in anyone’s book.


Michael (Stato) Stats 

Teams                  Gees       Horley Town

attempts                 12               14

on target                   8                 2

corners                      2                 3

fouls                       15                11

bookings                   2                 1

poss% 1st              55                45

poss% 2nd             42               58

Bovril Status:   Once again that thrilling beefy three point flavour – all served in Bovril branded porcelain from our very own Michelin Stirred Oven Door.

Spelthorne Sports (A)

Spelthorne Sports 2-3 Godalming Town

Visiting other grounds is all part of the fun of following the Gees.  Sometimes you are blown away by 3 G pitches, plush corporate buildings, towering stands… and come away thinking “if only…”  Other times you visit grounds and realise just how lucky we are at Wey Court to have what we have.  Such was the case at Spelthorne.  There were two short sections of seating two rows deep housed in a  wooden bus shelter, the hospitality room was a garden shed and the covered terrace (of sorts) was little more than a timber frame with plywood roof – no sides.  First impressions were not helped by the miserable afternoon – even Dave was wearing his thermal shorts in the driving rain.   On the positive side the local fans were friendly, the Bovril flowed freely (see note below) and the game was ON unlike many others in the league.

So out came the Gees dressed in pristine white to face the might of Spelthorne who had started the season briskly but were struggling with form since New Year.  Piers and Isy made a welcome return to the starting line up alongside Pat Kinsella in goal and Chad Goulter at no.8.   The game started brightly enough for Godalming with several good passing moves switching side and releasing Isy and Hakim to create half chances in front of goal.  However Spelthorne had pace and 4 times in the first half hour turned the Godalming defence on the break and created clear chances.  The second of these, after 19 minutes, saw John Roberts through on the left wing and release a cracking shot to put the home side deservedly 1-0 up.

It is at this point that seasoned Gees watchers start to hunker down and fear the worst but what followed was 15 minutes of sheer Godalming magic.  It started with Piers floating a beautifully struck shot into the top right hand corner of the Spellthorne net.  The ball seemed to curve into the wind and left the keeper stunned –  “ragoaliesastookie” I said to young Michael.  1-1 and cheered on by rejuvenated fans the Gees went one better – this time a deliciously flighted ball from Piers headed home by Lee Boon.  2-1 and more cheering.  On the 40th minute Piers did it again and we were 3-1 up…

Capitulation is not a word widely used in Sunbury and Spelthrorne started the second half intent on clawing back a point at least.  Godalming held firm through the dangerous first ten minutes then made it to 20 on what was rapidly becoming a mud-bath of a pitch.  Jack Howard was ferocious as ever, Isy ran miles and we were gripped by the battle.  On the 71st minute the inevitable happened and  Lewis Flatman- their noted danger man- scored.  3-2 with time a plenty.  The remaining 19 minutes of normal time saw Spelthorne pile it on – one header into an open goal went wide, keeper Kinsella stopped another clear chance and several times the ball bounced dangerously around the box with players sliding in the mud around it.  But no goal and no daft penalty…  Ross predicted at least 5 minutes extra time would be added but Spelthorne were spent and Godalming had weathered the storm.  3-2 and a deserved 3 points!

The fans cheered the team off the pitch.  Keeper Kinsella, realising that there was no cash bonus for a win, decided to take his reward for sterling service in the form of topsoil leaving the pitch with 36 kilos of grade A Sunbury loam attached to every part of his strip and body.  And next time you look at Wey Court and criticise the brutalist stand seating or the Dharavi chic inspired covered terraces behind goal spare a thought for Spelthorne.  Not every club is as lucky as we are!

Teams                Spellthorne                      Godalming

Attempts                    15                                       14

On target                      9                                         6

Corners                         4                                         5

Fouls                           12                                       10

Yellow Cards                2                                         2

Poss% 1st                   50                                       50

Poss% 2nd                 68                                       32

Bovril status:  Bovril cubes!  Yes- small cubes of beefy magic all served with a wooden twizzle stick to make sure you got the cube fully dissolved.   Who would have thought you could get Bovril in a cube.  Proof indeed that travel does broaden your horizons.

Knaphill (H) Challenge Cup

Godalming Town 0-2 Knaphill 

Provided by Hendo and augmented by editor.

It was fitting and moving to see so many familiar faces come down to pay their respects to our president Bill Kyte. Past issues were put aside for the evening as the committee, volunteers, players and supporters from both sides stood stood and perfectly observed the minutes silence in respect of the great man.  The game itself seemed strangely incidental after that.

The game was played on one of  the coldest nights of the year and was a game of two key parts. Part one the football being dominated by both defences, resulting in few chances for both sides. Part two was the unpleasant and unnecessary mix of fighting and shouting.

Knaphill started better and had most of the early possession. Their first goal after 16 min resulted from a free-kick just outside the area and a well struck ball beat Tom Webb and finished up in the  top left corner of the G’s goal.

Knaphill continued to have the better of the possession and were awarded another free-kick in almost the identical position in the 30 min. The same Knpahill player stepped up and the result was the same though this time Tom was beaten by an unfortunate bounce of the ball.

HT Godalming 0-2 Knaphill 

The G’s started much better in the second half and began to create some chances. However after a rash challenge from Josh Pound followed by retaliation form the Knaphill player resulting in an unsightly ‘hand bags’ incident involving virtually all the players.  Both Josh and the Knaphill player were shown straight red cards.

After that the game slowly petered out and while as a spectacle it will soon fade from memory what will remain forever is the memory of a great man, our president and inspiration of our club – RIP Bill Kyte.


Banstead Athletic (H)

Godalming Town 3 – 0 Banstead Athletic

What a difference a few days can make!

Tuesday night’s performance was disappointing at Colliers Wood, but this was a whole lot more enjoyable. With Steve Bettancourt unavailable the Gees fielded probably the youngest back four in living memory. Andrew is convinced that their combined age is less than mine. His addition is flawed, but not by much. They really impressed. Dom Hardisty was at right back and Josh Pound at left back, while Josh Kempton and Lewis Lodge were the centre backs. Tom Webb was in goal and had a pretty easy game, having only one really testing shot that he had to deal with and he did just that, getting down at full stretch in the second half.

In the midfield Jack Howard, and Lee Boon (captain for the day) were everywhere. Ben Cotton was wide on the right, while new faces Hanson Gilkes wide on the left and Nathan Webb up front alongside Hakim Griffiths. The bench included Benga Ogunseye, Ainsley Everett, Isy Nzello  and Jon Palmer. Bobby Bennett is suffering with a ham string problem, but hopes to be back in a week or so, if all goes well.

The game could not have started better for the home side as within 6 minutes of the start Nathan Webb slipped the ball neatly through the Banstead defence for Hakim Griffiths to run onto and score from close range. Just reward for the effort that Hakim always puts in to his game.

Shortly after the goal Jack Howard hit a powerful shot that the visiting keeper had to get down well to stop. A dominant performance from the Gees in the first half that saw them lead 1-0 at half time.

HT Godalming Town 1-0 Banstead Athletic

Hakim and Nathan were giving the visiting defence no time on the ball and early in the second half there was some indecision in the Banstead defence and the lively Hanson Gilkes responded quickly and poked the ball past the visiting keeper to give the Gees some breathing space.

With 30 minutes to go Ben Cotton who seems to be getting back to match fitness was replaced by Ainsley Everett and soon after Hakim came off as Benga replaced him upfront. The third replacement saw Isy come on for Hanson. Like Ben, Isy is recovering match fitness after a long period out with injury, so it is good to see him getting some match time.

The second half saw the visitors throw everything they could at the Gees, but the back four stood up well, as did the rest of the squad.

Ainsley made a terrific run out of defence and made it into the area where he was brought down. After the ref consulted his assistant he awarded the penalty. Ainsley hit it well and with power. Just as well as the keeper got his hands to it, but could not keep it out.

A terrific result, three points and a clean sheet. It is not over by a long way, but well done to the whole squad including Gav and Jon for a great performance.

Michael (Stato) Stats

Teams                 Gees       Banstead

attempts                 8                 11

on target                4                   5

corners                  4                    6

fouls                     13                  12

Yellow cards          1                    3

poss%1st             57                  43

poss% 2nd          42                  58


Bovril status:  freshly milled black pepper,a steaming mug of black magic and three points in the bag… it just doesn’t get better than this!