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Sanhurst (A)

Sandhurst Town 1 – 3 Godalming Town

I can hardly believe it. What a difference a week can make!  Having come away from the Bagshot Game with a 5 – 0 result on Wednesday night breaking the losing streak, which I was unable to get to, the G’s can now feel that they are on a role.

Finally, with the rain coming down heavily after the hottest driest summer on record, it felt like “proper football weather”. But the rain did nothing to dampen the mood of the travelling G’s supporters who were there in force and seemed to outnumber the home supporters.

There were a good few slips and sliding tackles in the rain, but to come away with all six points from the last two games and an aggregate of 8 -1 has done no harm at all to the G’s status in the League. The G’s line-up was the same as for the Wednesday night game apart from Ethan Kaiser coming in for David Oppong at right back.

As usual the G’s started well and created all the pressure in the first 15 minutes, only to see the home side in their first proper attack, break quickly down the left wing and finally deliver a cross to the middle of the 6-yard box where one of their forwards managed to get a glancing header that crept inside the far post. We have seen this before and somehow it just seems to keep happening.

The disappointment, this time however. was only momentary as almost from the restart Chris Burke went down the left and pulled the ball into the centre where Coxey got in an initial shot, which came back out to the G’s right where Kenny picked it up and fired a shot to bring the G’s level.

The G’s went on pressing and Jack Howard came close with a good attempt. Sandhurst also came close from a spectacular overhead bicycle, which hit the crossbar. Jordan Knight had to be alert and made a couple of good saves from close range. The G’s kept the pressure on their hosts for long periods but conspired to give the ball away at crucial times putting themselves under pressure.

HT Sanhurst 1 -1 Godalming

Early in the second half Chris Burke put in a good shot that the home keeper saved, but he did not clear the ball well and it fell to Coxey, some 35 yards or so out. Seeing the keeper on the edge of his area he lifted the ball high and well over him into the vacant net.  2-1 to the G’s.

Coxey then found himself getting onto a through ball and one on one with the keeper who made a good block.

Kenny had had a physical battle with the home number 3 all game and after they were both challenging for the ball in front of the stand they ended up head to head, pseudo rutting style, before Kenny responded with a head movement. The referee had no choice but to give him a straight red card. The first time I think that I have ever seen Kenny even cautioned or spoken to by a referee.What seemed strange was the home number 3 escaped without even a talking to from the referee.

So, the G’s faced most of the second half with only ten men on the pitch. They all stepped up and did a great job.  Chris went on a run through the middle of the pitch going past several players and hit a good shot that the keeper saved. Coxey was coming more in to the game and doing a great job in the defence when needed.

When Coxey was brought down well outside the area captain Jordan Bird stepped up and hit a peach of a curling left footed shot that crept in, giving the keeper no chance. Much to the delight of his team mates.Reminiscent of one Darren Wheeler I thought who also has a very sweet left foot.

Really pleased for all the lads in the squad to finally be feeling what it is like to win a couple of games. Particular praise must go to Les and his team for all the work they have been doing on and off the pitch. Hope they are enjoying it as well.

Let’s keep those wins coming.


Michael (Stato) Stats

Teams                    Sandhurst            G’s

Attempts           11                       13

On target            7                        10

Corners               5                          3

Fouls                  13                          9

Cards                   1 yellow              1 red

Poss% 1st          45                        55

Poss% 2nd         50                       50


Bovril status:  On arrival at Sandhurst we were asked a most unusual question:  “How strong would you like your Bovril?”  What a way to start the afternoon.  We loaded up with double strength black stuff and sat down to watch the Gees grab 3 points.  Thank you, Sandhurst,!  You win my destination of the Month award for services to the mighty Bov.

Frimley Green (H)

Godalming 0-2 Frimley Green

The G’s starting line-up saw the welcome return of Jordan Bird, Curtis Osano and Connor Gayle in the back four, so it looked promising for a much tighter defensive performance.

However, the G’s could only keep a clean sheet for the first fifteen minutes when it appeared that the danger from the visitor’s attack had been dealt with, but somehow the ball seemed to pop out from amongst the defenders straight to a Frimley player who had an easy enough chance to get their first goal.

Coxey was back up front looking like he could be a threat and headed just over the bar minutes later from a great cross in from the left.

With only five minutes of the first half left Frimley Green attacked again quickly down their left and delivered a low ball into the danger area where they despatched the ball scoring at the near post.

The impressive Anthony Myers made a good break through the middle and hit a good shot, which the visiting keeper did well to turn around the post diving low to his right.


The second half saw Curtis replaced by Ethan Keiser midway through, but despite all the effort, huffing and puffing only a couple of decent chances were created. Levi Crew also joined the fray replacing Anthony Myers.

Coxey went close, but it seemed that there was not much the home side could do to get themselves back into the game.

Michael (Stato) Stats


Teams                         G’s        Frimley Green

Attempts                        3                 14

On target                        1                 6

Corners                           7                 2

fouls                              14               23

Poss% 1st                     47               53

Poss% 2nd                   45               55


Bovril status:  Lipsmakingthirstquenchinsaltladenlifeshorteningtastesbrilliant…. BOVRIL

AC London (H)

Godalming 1 – 4 AC London

Unfortunately, the G’s could not find a way to end their losing streak. As usual there was no lack of effort from Les Cleevely’s young team, but they were caught out by a side with some quick and strong players up front.

The first half was disappointing with the home side not able to muster a single shot on target during the first half. It was good to see Connor Gale back in the squad and also a new face in Anthony Myers who impressed throughout the game.

The G’s squad was Jordan Knight in goal, David Oppong and Ashley Wright as the full backs, Ethan Kaiser and Connor Gale as the centre back pairing. Jack Howard in front of the back four. Jeff Yuhou on the left wing and Kenny Kassabante on the right. Jack Cleevely and Anthony Myers in the middle and Pat Cox up front in the number nine shirt. On the bench Levi Crew, Chris Bourke, Kai Bartlett, Dom Hardisty and Marvin Asiamah.

It only took 15 minutes for the visitors to go ahead when they attacked on the left and worked the ball into the box and scored from close range. Not long after Jordan Knight was called upon to make a good save, low to his right from a long shot.

Kenny looked like the G’s best threat and he worked his way down the right beautifully and pulled the ball into the 6 yard box where unfortunately Jack Cleevely could only lift the ball over the bar.

The second goal was rather strange as it seemed the attack was fading out and the ball was going out of play, but apparently someone lifted the ball over Jordan and into the goal, which I did not see.

Then the G’s defence conspired to give the ball away rather than clear it deep in their own half. That gave Jordan no chance to prevent the third goal.

The mercurial Kenny made another fine run down the right and drew the ball square into the middle where it found Coxey who was able to do what he does so well and finished it with a low shot. To bring it to 3 -1 down and a glimmer of hope for the G’s.

Late in the first half the G’s went to playing with three at the back, moving Connor up alongside Jack Howard. This did seem to improve the situation no end and the second half was a much more closely contested affair. So, whatever Les and his team did or said at half time seemed to work.

HT Godalming 1-3 AC London

The G’s pressed the visitors defence and had far more attempts on goal and some near misses, but they could not turn the pressure into goals.

Indeed, after a series of attacks they conceded again on the break after Jordan made another good stop, but he could only parry the ball and it fell kindly for an AC London player, ending any remote hope that the G’s could have narrowed the gap.

Another good performance from Pat Cox upfront and Jordan Knight in goal and Kenny Kassabante on the wing.

Lets hope for some points against Frimley Green.



Michael (Stato) Stats

Teams                G’s                  AC London

attempts            14                          21

on target              4                          11

corners                 3                            2

fouls                    15                         14

cards                      2                           4

poss% 1st            35                         65

poss% 2nd           50                        50



Bovril status:  The team of development chefs at the Oven Door have been working hard on a new lighter summer brew called Bovril LITE.  They have discovered how to avoid the trademark black bovril gunge at the bottom of your cup by putting less in at the start!  Innovative head chef Pat Pending says he’s working next on developing a cup of pure boiling hot water called… Bovril ZERO.  Can’t wait!


Wick (A) FA Vase

Wick 2 – 1 Godalming

The G’s bowed out of the FA Vase on the South Coast at the home of Wick FC.” A game of two halves”. You have heard it all before.

The first half saw the Gs start with Pat Cox in at centre back again in a four-man back row in front of Jordan Knight, made up of Ashley Wright, Pat Cox, Kai Bartlett and newcomer Bruce Mc Phail.

Jack Howard, Micah Archer and Jack Cleevely in the middle with Jeff Yohou up front in the number nine shirt and Kenny Kassabante and Dave Oppong as the wide players. Levi Crew was on the bench along with other new faces Frankie Ryan Maynard, Junior Yassi-Pepin.

To be honest, while the first half saw lots of midfield battles and the G’s sustained a fair bit of pressure early on, it took some good work from Jordan Knight to keep the score level. Meanwhile the Gs did not manage to get a shot on target.

Then as the home side attacked down their right Ashley Wright seemed to have cut out the cross, but it bounced clear favourably for a Wick player to play a short ball into the 6-yard box where they managed to get their first goal.

HT Wick 1-0 Godalming

So, with a half time advantage to the home side Les and his team made the decision to change the line up and went to three at the back and moved Pat Cox back up front. What a difference it made. All of a sudden Kenny seemed to be supercharged as he tore into the opposition defence.

Pat Cox was giving the home defence a tough time and was now winning balls out of defence. He managed to gather a ball on the left and after shrugging off a few tackles he was able to play the ball low in to the middle where Kenny and Jack Cleevely were lining up. Jack took his time and picked his spot confidently to level the score and give the substantial G’s support a little hope. Hope his Dad enjoyed it.

Kenny was absolutely on fire and turned the home left back inside out several times. On one run, from the half way line, he went past 4-5 players and hit a final good shot, but it just lacked sufficient pace to beat the home keeper, who turned it around for a corner. Surely the Gs would get another goal?

Jeff almost got on the score sheet when his pace found him one on one with the home keeper who made a good block.

25 minutes into the second half, where the G’s were performing far, far better than in the first. the home side won a penalty when one of their players went down just inside the penalty area under the attention of the Gs defenders. They made no mistake from the spot and despite a huge effort from the lads they could not get back on terms.

Bruce seemed to have a good game as did Kai.



Michael’s (Stato) Stats

Teams         Wick            Gees

Attempts       19               7

On target      10               4

Corners          8                2

Fouls              12             11

Cards                1

Poss% 1st     65              35

Poss% 2nd   50              50


Bovril Status:  “Do you do Bovril?” travelling Gees supporter enquiry… “You better believe it!”.. Nice Scottish lady at tea bar… China cups. Bovril straight from the jar… dolloped in with no concept of portion control (or recommended daily salt intakes). Sheer bliss!