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Tooting Bec (H)

Godalming 1 – 5 Tooting Bec

We had hoped for a win against promotion chasers Tooting Bec on the last game of the season at home. But, despite a reasonable performance, it was not to be. Tooting were armed with a flying number 11 Eddie Mibango who had one heck of a game and came away with four goals to his name.

The Gs fielded a more settled side and it was great to see Reegan Scotcher declared fit again after 5-6 weeks away. In the opening minutes Ollie Stevens in typical style showing strength and speed got himself in between the visiting keeper and his defender to poke a shot goal-wards that narrowly missed the target.

But the Gs defence which seemed to start with three in the back line was undone when a ball from the Tooting left wing was allowed to travel across the face of the goal for a close-range header to put the visitors 1-0 up almost immediately after Ollie went close.

Matters got worse when from a corner out on their right a first-time unstoppable volley was hit spectacularly into the Gs net to put Tooting 2-0 up with only 17 minutes gone.

For me the Gs were matching Tooting in the build-up play, but it was clear that the visitors had improved since we played them at their place and were a well organised and experienced side compared to the Gs youngsters.

Darren Wheeler delivered a cracking corner for the Gs out on their right at the road end and we saw Curtis Osano get up and place a glancing header inside the far post to bring the score back to 1-2. It was all to play for.

Gs mounted a fair bit of pressure on the visitor’s goal but could not convert their pressure into goals. Then another quick break out of defence saw that pesky number 11 gain his hat trick before half time when he was being challenged by Reegan, but somehow still manged to beat Jordan Knight as he came out to close down the angle.

HT Godalming 1-3 Tooting Bec.

Joe Lewis received a yellow card and then not long after was unfortunate to hurt himself as he cleared the ball away near the dugout touchline, the ball taking out a Tooting player as it struck his head. Joe fell awkwardly and the damage was done so he was taken to hospital as a precaution. Hope he is on the mend now. Dom Hardisty came on for him.

Shortly after Donte who had another great game for me played Kenny in and he went beautifully around the visiting keeper only to be given as offside. Had that brought the score back to 3-2 who knows what would have happened.

But Tooting were not done for when that number 11 managed to squeeze another shot home at the near post from what appeared to be a very tight angle. Darren was Yellow carded as he tried to help a Tooting player onto the bench.

Jake Heard came on for Richie Mbele in the middle. Richie unable to come up with another spectacular goal on this occasion. Jordan the was unable to keep hold of a speculative long range shot which gave the visitors a close-range tap in to effectively finish things of. Good to see Liam Gadd come on for Darren and make his mark on the game, even if some of the Gs supporters were unsure about the growth on his chin.

The Gs never gave up in a more dominant second half performance although the result was clear and Kenny got in a good shot that brought a great save from the visiting keeper at the death. You will see from the stats that we had plenty of pressure and corners but it was one of those days when the Tooting number 11 could do no wrong while the Gs can feel that they got little in the way of luck. But that is the way it goes.

Cannot make it to the game at Chessington so if someone else feels the urge to make a few notes that would be great. That also means I will not be able to make it to the awards evening, which is unfortunate. I think Les now has the basis of a very good squad for next season, if he can hold these lads together. Here’s to a great next season. Probably see a few of you before then.


Michael (Stato) Stats

                   Gees      Tooting Bec

attempts     10                 11

on target     6                   7

corners       7                   4

fouls           13                  5

poss 1         44                56

poss 2         52                48

cards          2 yellows

Bovril status:  Bovril back in town but this time in cube form.  Head Bovrista Kevin is experimenting with dosages and stirring techniques to extract the perfect dose of beefy magic.

Kensington Borough (H)

Godalming 2 – 2 Kensington Borough

We hoped to take all three points from this encounter after the somewhat dismal showing when we were away to Kensington and they ended up with all three points as the result of an early penalty. It looked to us all as if we were going to comfortably walk away from the ground with a smile on our faces as the two superb goals that the Gs youngsters scored appeared to be enough to wreak our revenge. But, at the absolute death, there was a moment of indecision that allowed the visitors to share the points.

We are almost seeing a settled squad – at last! A bit late you say, well – better late than never I suppose and let’s hope this group can stick together to form the basis of the team next year

In front of Jordan Knight were Dom Hardisty, Curtis Osano, Joe Lewis. Jake Heard, Jack Howard and Richie Mbele in the middle Kenny Kassabante and Ollie Stevens wide and Jack Cleevely at No 10 and Donte Lodge Francis at Number 9.

The Gs started well putting pressure on their visitors and Ollie Stevens going close from a header from a corner. Curtis ended up being booked, for what I do not know, but the ref seemed a bit keen to try out his new whistle and this disrupted things for me at times. He missed totally that Curtis had his standing foot taken from him a little late but penalised all sort of delicate touches.

Gs had a few more opportunities that they could not convert but towards the end of the first half Donte worked hard on the right flank to shrug off a number of defenders before getting the ball in to the box. The ball then came out as far as Richie Mbele who showed his undoubted class yet again when he adjusted his balance and hit the ball from outside the box left footed curling the ball into the top left corner in as good a strike as you will see on MOTD.

HT Godalming 1-0  Kensington Borough

All seemed to be going quite well for the Gs although they could not capitalise on further chances. Ollie Stevens again leading the charge and in one episode showed great pace wide before cutting in and shrugging of a string of defenders and finally hitting a powerful shot across the goal that hit the upright and bounced out. Ollie certainly was unlucky not to get on the score sheet again in this game. He had a good header from a Jack Howard corner go just wide amongst others.

Then as often seems to happen if you are pressing you are open to a quick counter attack and just such a case allowed a visiting forward space down the middle to allow them to draw level one-on-one with Jordan to bring them level.

With around twenty minutes to go Kenny Kassabante chased down the visiting keeper who was a bit slow trying to get to a ball outside the box on the Gs right. Kenny got possession and lifted a delightful left footed chip into the net to the delight of all of us watching and his team mates. We know how good Kenny is and he seems to be getting his form back.

Always alert Ollie Stevens finally did get the ball, into the net, but only to be ruled as offside to the displeasure of the Gs supporters at that end.

As the home side seemed to be piling on more pressure even Joe Lewis took an excursion into the Kensington defence and hit a good shot that the visiting keeper needed to scamper across to cover.

So as we seemed to be cruising to three points a long clearance from the visiting keeper bounce in the Gs half and Jordan called for the ball, but somehow got caught in two minds about whether the ball was going to carry into his area and instead of just wellying it into the stands he was beaten to the ball, which was side-footed home to the delight of the visiting team. Who would be a keeper? There was barely time to restart the game.

Michael (Stato) Stats

                 Godalming       Kensington Borough

attempts              11                         9   

on target                8                         6

corners                  6                         2

yellows                  2                         1

poss% 1st           46                       54

poss% 2nd          53                       47

Bovril status:  Never mind Brexit or Mexican border walls… we have our very own constitutional crisis at the Oven Door.  The Bovril drought continues!

Bedfont & Feltham (A)

Bedfont and Feltham 5 – 0 Godalming

On the face of it this looks like a complete drubbing for the Gs, but despite the scoreline this for me was a much better performance than we saw on Tuesday night. This time against the team at the top of the table.

Make no mistake we lost to a much better team who are probably the best team we have seen in this league. An experienced well organised squad who generally towered above the Gs youngsters. But it was definitely “a game of two halves” as they say.

Jordan Knight was in goal as usual but with no Darren Wheeler, Jake Heard, Jordan Clements or Reegan Scotcher it seemed that Les lined up his squad with three centre backs Curtis, Og and Joe and presumably playing as two wing backs Ryan and the returning Kenny Kassabante. Good to see him back with us.

Jack H was in front of the defensive line and Richie and Jack C in the middle with Ollie and Donte up front. On the bench were Dom, Samba, Liam, Charlie, Matt Kerbey and a returning Abdullah Ismail who we have not seen for a while.

For me the Gs looked good when they started and indeed were the first to find the net, but Ollie was rightly flagged for an offside. Then with the visitors having had the best of the possession in the first fifteen minutes the home side managed to break down their left and delivered a simple low ball into the 6yard box for a close-range tap in.

Only six or seven minutes later they made it two when their No 11 was allowed the freedom of the parish and accepted the invitation to deliver again a square ball into the 6- yard box for a mirror of the first.

Les then chose to change the line-up and replaced Ryan Villa with Dom Hardisty as a more conventional left back in a back four.

However, the home side were able to add another before half time with a shot from well wide on their left that found the inside of the far post.

HT: Bedfont & Feltham 3-0 Godalming

The second half saw a big improvement and lots of good football from the Gs with both Donte and Richie outstanding and demonstrating their quality. Ollie as always was working hard upfront but after a period of 30 minutes when we seemed to dominate the play a defensive error at the back called on Jordan knight to make a save at point blank range.

It seemed that Donte might get one back when after some great play he headed off towards the goal fending off a defender. He hit a cracking shot that crashed against the upright and bounced back into play. It was just one of those days.

After all that the home side went up the other end and a further weakness in the Gs defence saw them fail to clear a speculative high ball into the box and the hosts were up to four against the run of play.

Just to add insult to injury we gifted another goal to them before the end with indecision at the back when we could have cleared the ball.

Perhaps the desire to play attractive football, which is itself admirable, needs to be tempered with a need to play a more direct style at times. Just a thought.

I was impressed by the set up at Bedfont :- great pitch and supporters. Very welcoming excellent squad and no whinging to the ref,. Before the game they marked a horrendous day in their history when, thirty years ago, three of their players died in a freak car crash when they were hit by a police car travelling at speed on the way back from a game.


Michael (Stato) Stats

                 Bedfont & Feltham                     G’s

attempts               15                                        8

on target               10                                        5

poss% 1st             65                                      35

poss% 2nd            45                                      55

cards                                                                 1

Bovril status:  No issues this week with Bovril recognition.  It was on their menu of delights just above Dog Rolls.  Being such a jet-setting hipster place we were served delicious Bovril cubes! Great idea but will it ever catch on away from the Big Smoke?

Sheerwater (H)

Godalming 0 – 3 Sheerwater

Sheerwater visited Wey Court with their sights still on promotion. So, it was another big challenge for the Gs youngsters.

A look at the team sheet before kick-off for any Gs supporter caused a fair bit of head scratching and concern. No Curtis Osano, Oghail Ogbaudu, Reegan Scotcher, Jake Heard or Jordan Clements.  Even the mighty brain of Lord Hendo of Haslemere was bemused and befuddled to see an extreme lack of defensive players and apparently our leading goal scorer wearing the number 5 shirt. Surely it must just have been the only shirt that would fit him? But no – it was for real.

In front of Jordan Knight were Dom Hardisty, Ollie Stevens, Joe Lewis and Ryan Villa.

Jack Howard, Richie M Bele in the midfield with Darren Wheeler still with a wonky leg wide on one side and Kenny Kassabante on the other. Jack Cleeveley and Donte Lodge- Francis.upfront. Abdallah Ismail, Liam Gadd, Charlie Chennell and Matt Kerbey on the bench.

In the opening minutes the visitors exploited the situation well but could only upset the kids playing on the training pitch as they cleared the bar with their shots. That is only until the twelfth minute when a well-aimed curling shot found its way into the top right- hand corner of Jordan’s net to put them 1-0 up.

Just before that Jordan was called upon to make very good stop from close range with a one- handed reaction pushing the ball over the top.

Strangely that seemed to spark off something in the Gs and they started to put together a few moves of their own and Jack Howard unleased a great long-range shot that was dipping under the bar when the visiting keeper was called upon to make a great save of his own to push it over.

The referee then took exception to Kenny Kasabante’s ankles. Yes – his ankles. They were such a distraction to him that he ordered Kenny to have yellow tape applied to them. Les failed to see that point of this, like everyone else in the crowd. We also noticed that players were wearing different colour undershirts with long sleeves, different colour undershorts. Some of their boots were even in colours that clashed dreadfully with their kit. What will we have next? Sending players off the pitch to get their hair combed?

Anyway, when the football started again Ollie had been given the nod to go forward for a set-piece and he got on the end of a ball wide of the area and lifted the ball gently toward Donte in the 6 yard box, which he headed down well but could not get enough ooomph behind it to beat the Sheerwater keeper. But the Gs were causing some problems.

Kenny was getting into the game as we saw he was getting the better of the visitors left back with his pace and trickery. Perhaps we could get something out of this after all? Kenny worked his way around his marker and to the edge of the area and chipped a great ball through to Donte who this time got a good bit on it with his head but the ball went tantalisingly just wide of the far post.

Then after the ball had gone across the home goal and out wide again the ball came in high and although Jordan got up to it he seemed to flap at it and the ball dropped for a visiting forward to take the opportunity and finish from close range just before half time going 2-0 up.

As the Gs team took to the pitch for the second half the ref insisted that several of them also needed to tape their ankles clearly it was too much for him.

In the second half with the Gs defending the goal at the road end a tentative ball from the right appeared to bounce in the 6-yard box and go straight into the Gs net.

Darren eventually gave way to his wonky leg and made way for Abdallah to the appreciative applause of the home supporters.

Jordan made a good stop diving down to his left to get a hand to a shot. Donte was again impressive both holding up the ball and using his strength and long legs to go around players. He was brought down in front of goal but much to the displeasure of the home support the ref simply waived play on. He has worked so hard for the Gs and deserves a bit of luck.

Another one who has worked so hard is Ollie Stevens. Hats off to him for taking up the challenge of playing out of position when there was little option at the back for Les.

Charlie and Liam both got to appear for the Gs and looked comfortable to me so good for the future.

Michael(Stato)  Stats:-

                               G’s                 Sheerwater

attempts                   8                           15

on target                   5                             7

fouls                        11                          14

Poss% 1st half        44                          56

Poss% 2nd half       31                          69

yellows                      3                            1

Bovril status. The chief taster was away but there were 2 happy recipients at half time on a sunny but cold afternoon. 

Kensington Borough (A)

Kensington Borough 1 – 0 Godalming

Having seen the Gs earn three points on Saturday and a well-deserved point against Frimley on both occasions with a much better second half performance after poor first halves I am afraid they started this game in a similar style.

After 3 minutes they gave away a penalty to allow the home side to go in front and from that point onwards were hustled off the ball, were unable to hold on to the ball, were pressured into mistakes at times and on other occasions the Gs just could not string any passes together and came off looking second best. So well done to Kensington who appeared to want it more.

The Gs were without Donte Lodge-Francis, Richie Mbele, Darren Wheeler and Jordan Clements.  So, Ryan Villa started on one wing and Samba Betts on the other. Ollie Stevens was in the number 9 shirt and Jack Cleevey as No 10. Jake Heard and Jack Howard were in the middle with Curtis retuning to the captaincy after a few weeks away partnering Joe Lewis as the centre backs and Oghale Ogbuadu at right back and Reegan Scotcher at left back. Jordan Knight in goal as usual. On the bench were Dom Hardisty, Charlie Chenelle, Liam Gadd and Matt Kerbey.

In fact Dom was not on the bench for long as Reegan Scotcher had to be helped off the pitch early on.

The Gs did apply a fair bit of pressure and indeed won an indirect free kick on the edge of the 6 yard box but could not convert the chance. See the Twitter feed. Ollie came close with a chance when he hit a shot from the right that went across the face of the goal.

Dom Hardisty delivered a good free kick into the box which Ollie got his head to, but the ball went just wide of the post. Early in the second half Curtis got on to the end of a good free kick into the box from Jack Howard that just hit the top of the crossbar.

Ollie worked his way into the box from the left and somehow pulled the ball into the 6 yard box where Ryan went for a header but was taken out by the keeper as the ball went over again.

Disappointing result for the travelling fans. We will need to be a lot better on Saturday at Bedfont and I am sure that Les will do all he can to get the lads up for that game.


Cove (H)

Godalming 1 – 0 Cove

Three points and a clean sheet, which on paper sounds good and it is just what we wanted to see when the game started, but in truth the first half was as poor quality as I have seen for a long time. A real change from the fantastic performance we saw the previous week in the second half against Frimley Green. Too much to ask that we would see some more good football?

We were hoping that Curtis would be back from holiday in the heart of the defence and wearing the captain’s armband again, but it seems he was unwell and was sent home before the start.

On the good side it was great to see that Jack Howard was in the starting line-up after being carried off a week ago.

There was no Jordan Clements after a couple of impressive performances at left back so Ryan Villa started on the left of the back four with Reegan Scotcher on the right. Joe Lewis and Oghale Ogbaudu were the centre backs in front of Jordan Knight in goal.

Even the cultured left foot of Darren Wheeler (wearing the captain’s armband again) seemed to be unusually wayward in the first half where the football skills seemed to be left in the changing rooms. Darren was trying to be the play maker alongside Jack Howard and Richie Mbele in the middle with Jack Cleeveley at No 10 and Donte Lodge-Francis wearing the number 9 shirt and the incredible scoring machine Ollie Stevens playing wide.

Samba Betts, Dom Hardisty, Charlie Chenelle, Jake Heard and Matt Kerbey were all on the bench.

The one bright spell in the pretty miserable first half saw the Gs attacking the road end goal when Ollie Stevens get on to the end of a ball through the middle and with his combination of strength and skill hit a fine powerful shot that cannoned off the foot of the post leaving Aiden Upward (ex G) in the goal static.

Darren also had a free kick opportunity on the right which he curled beautifully towards the near post, but on that occasion Aiden had it covered. Apart from that there was little worthy of mention.

HT Godalming Town 0-0 Cove

The second half was better and there were a couple of good attacks from Ryan down the right when he swapped wings with Reegan to avoid the attentions of the rather grumpy Cove No 2. One memorable move saw a delightful backheel from Donte to play the ball on for Ryan. Jake Heard came on for Richie Mbele.

Jack Howard had a shot on goal that should at least have been on target after Darren played a short corner to him, but he put it over the bar. It was sad to see that after appearing to be enjoying his football again and looking like he was getting more confident in going past opponents again Darren pulled up after a run across the Cove goal area and had to be replaced by the lively Samba Betts. Darren was carried of later with what seems to be a calf injury that may keep him out for a while.

In the end it was a cross from Samba on the left which found Ollie at the far post to keep up his incredible scoring record in the league. In truth I did not see it as my grandson chose to painfully slide of his seat in the stand at the crucial moment.

The stats show that it was a pretty quiet afternoon for Jordan with not many attempts on target from the visitors. The lads are off to Leatherhead on Tuesday night take on Kensington Borough and then have a really big game against Bedfont on Saturday 2nd March.


Michael (Stato)Stats

                     G’s              Cove

Attempts       10                  10

On target        7                    2

Corners          9                    3

Fouls            13                    8

Poss% 1st     45                  55

Poss% 2nd    57                  43

Yellows          1                    1

Bovril status. Sunshine, another 3 points, one half worth watching and a delicious summery skinny Bovril.  The secret to the perfect skinny? Don’t stir the sludge so the water embraces rather than snogs the full meaty wonder within!

Frimley Green (A)

Frimley Green 2 – 2 Godalming

Having travelled to the game with that familiar feeling of concern about who we would see in the Gs line up, as we faced the team currently second in the league, the nerves were not improved when we learned that Curtis Osano was on holiday, Reegan Scotcher was not available and Chris Burke was no longer with the club.

But this turned out to be one of the most entertaining and exciting games of the season, which, after a lack lustre first half from the Gs, they somehow fought their way back to dominate in the second half. Perhaps Les has invested in a magic wand!

Jordan Knight was in goal with Ryan Villa at right wing back and Jordan Clements on the left. Oghale Ogbaubu partnered Joe Lewis as the centre back pairing.

Jake Heard and Jack Howard were in the middle with Darren Wheeler (captain for the day) and Ollie Stevens on the opposite wings and Donte Lodge-Francis at number nine and Jack Cleeveley at No 10. On the bench were Dom Hardisty, Richie Mbele, Samba Betts, Charlie Chennell and Matt Kerbey.

After only three minutes Jack Howard went in to a 50/50 challenge with the opposition No 6 and both of them went down and received treatment. Unfortunately, Jack was then carried off to spend the rest of the game in the dugout with an ice pack on his knee whilst his opposite number played on. Richie Mbele came on for Jack.

Jordan Knight was called upon to dive bravely at the feet of the opposing No 10 after he latched on to a poor ball across field and advanced on goal.

Only 14 minutes in Gs were penalised for a challenge on the goal-line wide of the goal and the ref pointed to the spot. Jordan went the right way but could not stop the hosts going 1-0 up.

The hosts had been finding holes in the Gs defence but were wayward in front of goal on a couple of occasions and Jordan was again needed to be on his metal to snuff out the danger.

The first proper chance for the Gs came to Ollie Stevens who got on to the end of a looped through ball from Jack Cleeveley and battled his way through on goal and hit a shot from just inside the area that the home keeper had to palm round for a corner.

The second half saw a more positive approach from the Gs, and Ryan Villa started to run at the defenders on the right wing and delivered some good crosses.

The Gs seemed to be rejuvenated and were pressing their opponents and winning a fair number of corners.

Around half an hour in to the second half the home No 3 was sent off for a second yellow card. Darren took the free kick and brought a good save from the Frimley keeper at the near post.

A few minutes later Darren took another free kick on the right and hit a great ball across the area to where Ollie Stevens met it with a great first-time volley as it dropped and the ball hit the net to bring the scores level and to continue Ollies remarkable scoring run, in the League at least.

Having kept the Gs in the game with some great goal keeping Jordan Knight somehow saw a long shot that he seemed to have comfortably covered bounce over him as he went down and the ball bounced into the net to put Frimley back in front. Perhaps it was a dodgy bounce. It certainly wasn’t sun in his eyes.

But the Gs were not done for and continued to dominate both possession and territory in the second half. Amazing after the poor first half.

Ryan Villa was enjoying himself going at the home defence and was brought down inside the box as he got past his defender once again and the ref gave the Gs a penalty this time. Captain Darren stepped up and cracked the ball home to bring the Gs back to all square.

So, the game went one way and then the other, but to hear the chants of “G Army” once again brought back memories of when we were leagues higher.

 A great performance to turn it around, which speaks volumes for the character of the young lads in the yellow shirts. Well done to Les for whatever he said or did at half time.

It was only a point, but a good point in anyone’s book, and it takes us above Bagshot on goal difference into 12th place.


Michael (Stato) Stats

             Frinley  G            Gees

attempts       13                       9

on target        7                        6

corners          3                        5

fouls             21                      10

Poss 1          53                     47

Poss 2          38                     62

yellows         4                         2

reds              1

Bovril staus:   Not only was Bovril not on the menu at Frimley Green, I am unsure that the lovely lady on the till had ever heard of it!  So sadly no half time warmers for the Bovril boys.  Along with spirit levels and ball-stop netting some products have simply not got as far as Frimley yet

Eversley & California (H)

Godalming 2 -1 Eversley & California

A second win on the trot for Les and his Gs squad and three more points to cement their position amongst the mid table bunch. Even without the goal scoring machine that is Oliver Stevens the home side comfortably won this encounter.

No denying that the visitors looked good going forward and played some good approach play and had plenty of the ball, but they did not produce any shots on goal to worry Jordan Knight in between the sticks for the Gs.

Without Ollie up front it meant that Jack Cleeveley started, having only coming on for the last few minutes last week. The Gs were also without Chris Burke, Joe Lewis, Ryan Villa, Jordan Clements and a few others.

For the first few minutes the visitors put the Gs under pressure and earned themselves a few corners. After the heavy rain of the last 48 hours it was no surprise that there had to be a pitch inspection before the thumbs up was given. But the surface was cutting up in the middle.

After a slow build up from the Gs the ball was played out to the left by Darren to Jack Howard who pulled the ball back to the middle of the area where Jack Cleeveley hit it first time with his left foot giving the visiting keeper no chance. Good to see Jack hit the mark again after quite a time. Good for him to get something after all the effort he puts in.

This seemed to put the wind up the visitors for a while and the Gs got the upper hand and Darren worked his way into the area and hit a shot that ricocheted of a defender’s legs. The ball spun to the left and Donte tried a clever back-heel that was cleared off the line.

1 – 0 to the Gs at half time. It could have been more.

Donte was having another good game, giving the option of a target man, showing his strength and pace and holding the ball up well. He got onto the end of a long clearance from Jordan Knight and worked his way toward the goal line before pulling the ball into the middle for Darren to make his way around the keeper before just poking the ball into the net for the Gs second goal of the afternoon.

All afternoon Curtis marshalled the defensive line brilliantly and was covering everything alongside Reegan Scotcher, Oghale Ogbaudu and Dom Hardisty.

Jack Howard as usual was racking up the miles and tackling anyone who came within range alongside Jake Heard, Darren Wheeler and Richie Mbele.

Jack Cleeveley was supporting Donte Lodge-Francis up front.

Only Samba Betts and Charlie Chenelle on the bench alongside Matt Kerbey.

Clearly the visitors needed to throw everything into attack and did so without if my memory is correct getting a single decent shot on target that bothered Jordan Knight. Credit to the defensive effort of the whole squad. Eversley had plenty of the ball but the Gs were putting the squeeze on in the middle and snuffed out any trouble.

It meant that there were more opportunities for the Gs and Donte at least twice got away from his markers and shot across the goal narrowly missing the far post on each occasion. Jack Cleeveley almost managed to get on the end of the second effort by could not quite stretch far enough as he slid in.

Donte also chased the keeper down and won the ball from him well outside the area, but his chip was cleared from the goal line.

After the visitors made a double substitution, they got a consolation goal when the ball was squeezed across the Gs goal mouth and bundled in from a couple of yards out.

As usual it got a bit nerve wracking at the end, but the Gs deservedly held on to take the spoils. Another good performance from the whole squad. A tougher test to come next week when we travel to second placed Frimley Green after we have another trip to Epsom and Ewell in the cup on Tuesday night.

Michael (Stato) Stats:-

                 Gees      Eversley and California 

attempts       10                  7

on target       8                   3

corners         5                   8

fouls            10                 11

Poss 1          40                60

Poss 2          40                60

yellows          1

Bovril status.  The point Bovril always tastes the best.  Did I mention the points?  Nuff said!

FC Deportivo Galicia (A)

FC Deportivo Galicia 2 – 3 Godalming Town

Another good performance from the Gs saw them come back from going a goal down early on to win more comfortably than the score suggests and add another three very welcome points to their tally.

It was a good week for sport for me with the England RFU team winning in Ireland against the odds as well. There were a few similarities. At half time in both games it could have gone either way. The losing team in both games scored very late for a little consolation after having been substantially stifled in the second half.

It was good that captain Curtis Osano was able to return from injury for at least the major part of the game. Also, good that Chris Burke had recovered enough to be named on the bench, although still not fully fit. Jack Cleeveley also started on the sidelines along with Charlie Chennel, Ryan Villa, Samba Betts and Matt Kerbey. Joe Lewis suspended and no Jordan Clements.

In front of Jordan Knight was a back line of Oghale Ogbaudu, Reegan Scotcher, Curtis Osano and Dom Hardisty. Jake Heard, Jack Howard, Richie Mbele, Darren Wheeler in the middle, Ollie Stevens and Donte Lodge up front.

The Gs started well and Donte Lodge battled for the ball and brought a great save from the home keeper when he was advancing on goal only to see the home side responded immediately with a swift attack of their own and they went one up inside the first fifteen minutes.

On the 3G pitchthe home side were looking quite dangerous going forward, but the Gs wereawarded a free kick just outside the area in Darren Wheeler territory. Itlooked like the home keeper was offering him the top left-hand corner to aim at,but Darren chose to bend it low round the wall and brought another good savefrom the home keeper pushing the ball round for a corner.This spell ofpressure produced a couple of corners for the Gs and Darren delivered a greatball to the back of the 6yard box where Donte got in a fine strong header tolevel the score inside half an hour. Check out the photo’s from Giles’ youngassistant photographer. Jordan Knight was then the Gs saviour as he repelled acouple of half time.

Ollie Stevens then broke the deadlock when he challenged for the ball and the home keeper lost it and somehow Ollie who was on the floor bounced up again as if he was on a bungie rope to put the ball home and continue his scoring run.

The Gs started to hit more and more shots as the opportunities arose. The impressive Richie Mbele having one of the best opportunities but could not keep his shot down when the home keeper was out of position.

With the Gs looking quite comfortable Curtis came off giving Ryan Villa the chance to play at right back as Oghale moved to centre back.

The best goal of the game then followed as the Gs attacked down their left with some good inter-passing and the ball was finally played across the goal where the human dynamo Jack Howard was able to get a shot in from the right of the goal. The ball was beaten out only as far as Ollie who was able to jump and head home for his second of the game. Jack Cleeveley made a brief appearance late in the game for Jake Heard.

FC Deportivo never gave up and late into injury time when it seemed that their attack down the left had been safely snuffed out somehow, they got a goal back from an acute angle scoring at the near post to make the score look a bit closer.

Tremendous performance from the Gs two front players Donte and Ollie who were more than a handful for the hosts, but also for me Oghale was outstanding in defence and probably deserved at least a share of any MOM awards, if there was to be one.


 Michael (Stato} Stats

        Deportivo Gallicia                Gees

attempts       17                                      12

on target       12                                      8

corners          6                                       5

fouls             12 ( 6 o/s)                          18 (8 o/s)

poss 1           50                                     50

poss 2           47                                     53

cards                                                     1

Bovril status:  London pricing has hit the Bovril stand at Bedfont.  £1.50 a cup!!!   But wait… you get more for your buck in the big smoke.  A wooden twizzle stick for a start.  Now they don’t grow on trees!  And a branded cup with nutritional information on it.  The good news is that Bovril should be plied on children instead of lemonade as it will not be attracting any sugar tax.  And, if my eyesight read correctly, each cup contains a mere 66% of the recommended hourly salt intake for an adult!  Forget your mineral supplements… just drink 24 Bovrils a day and you’ll soon see the benefits.

Epsom and Ewell (H)

Godalming 1 – 3 Epsom and Ewell

That was a whole lot better than we have seen recently. With an ever-increasing injury list, which included captain Curtis Osano and Chris Burke as the latest casualties, Les had to introduce more new names and faces for this game.

The previous encounter at Chipstead between the two sides saw the Gs two goals up in no time at all, but the match settled by some strange decisions, where the G’s seemed to have bagged a third goal, only for it be ruled offside,  E& E then scored from a similarly dubious  off side position and the winning goal for E&E was only awarded several minutes after the event when the referee, having waved play on then stopped the game and changed his mind after the event. Thought you could only do that with VAR and although they have an excellent pitch at Chipstead I don’t think it stretches to that.

The Gs had Jordan Knight between the posts and Oghale Ogbaudu returned from injury after his impressive debut at Woking against Sheerwater to lead the back line of Joe Lewis and newcomer Jordan Clement. Another newcomer in the shape of Reece Weekes wore the number 3 shirt but was a sort of roving wide player on the opposite side to Darren Wheeler.

Jack Howard was in front of the back line with another newcomer Richie Mbele. Jack Cleeveley was playing centrally behind Ollie Stevens and another newcomer Donte Lodge-Francis.

On the bench were Samba Betts, Jake Heard, Abdullah Ismail (who we have not seen for months if my memory is correct) Charlie Chennel and Matt Kerbey.

It was a pretty good start from the home side playing towards the road end. But after only 18 minutes the visitors attacked quickly down their right and crossed to their number 9 who had acres of space to pick his spot and put them 1 -0 up. A pity as the new guys and for me Oghale had started so well.

On about half an hour the tall figure of Donte battle to get onto a through ball and found himself one on one with the visiting keeper who pulled of a great save diving low to his left to deny the Gs. One of those “what if” moments that leaves you wondering.

The Gs continued to press their opponents and Reece Weekes was showing some great skill and pace while Darren delivered some quality crosses into the box. But the Gs could not level it before half time. Despite the difference in the league positions it was a very competitive game and could be going either way.

Thirteen minutes into the second half that man Ollie Stevens did it yet again battling for the ball through the middle and despite being floored managed to poke the ball in to bring the score to 1- 1. He has now scored in every game he has played in. What a record Ollie.

It was bound to bring a reaction from Epsom and it did. Only 5 minutes later they attacked down their left and played the ball in low and quickly for was a good goal to put their noses in front again.

The Gs were not done for and continued to make a game of it with all of the new faces doing remarkably well, Donte worked hard upfront Richie Mbele was influencing the midfield and Reece was charming the home crowd with his David Luiz style hair and some great play.

Bobby Bennett however was getting more into the game and we know what a good player he is. Apart from Bobby we saw Hakim Griffiths and Luke Elgar who also wore the G’s shirt along with two of his relations under Gs manager at the time and visiting manager for E&E Simon Funnell.

Darren had been nursing an injury and made way for Sam Betts. The game was getting more open and the action was moving from end to end. Oghale had to help out with a goal line clearance.

The ref felt Bobby Bennett was brought down in the area and so a penalty was awarded, and the visitors went 3 -1 up.

The Gs were coming under more pressure and Jordan Knight was required to tip the ball over the bar from a long-range effort. Unfortunately, the only person who did not see that the Gs keeper got a hand to it was the ref who ignored his linesman and even yellow carded Bennett for his protest in the process.

Sam Betts then had to sit back in defence after Joe Lewis was given a red card for a second offence, presumably for dissent, with about twenty minutes to go (having won a yellow in the first half). That of course made the task even harder for the Gs.

As always Jack Howard worked his socks off and Jack Cleeveley got involved in some of the attractive build up play that we saw. In the end the visitors deserved the result, but it was an exciting game.


Michael(Stato) Stats:-

                Gees             Epson & Ewell

attempts        8                      16

on target        3                        9

corners          1                        8

poss 1          50                      50

poss 2          47                      53

yellows           2                        3

reds               1

Bovril status:  Drinks are essentially a product of geography.  Aperol makes no sense in Sunderland but perfect sense in Sorento.  Bovril was obviously born in Godalming because on a dreich Saturday afternoon the idea of condensing half a cow with a kilo of salt into a cup made perfect sense to me!