Godalming Town FC

Ash Utd (A)

Ash Utd 6 – 2 Godalming

Last week I said that the score did not reflect the game. I am afraid that this time I feel it did. Apart from a short spell at the end of the first half the G’s really were not in this one, despite some individual good performances.

The original encounter between the two sides a couple of weeks back saw the game abandoned at around 71 minutes played, the G’s down to ten men and 1-1. Unfortunately for the G’s the weather on this occasion could not save them.

I understand that Les put out a statement on Facebook that two of the impressive newcomers from last week’s squad were not available for this game and of course Jack Howard was under suspension for his two yellow cards. So, Les expected it to be a tough game for the G’s. He was not wrong. It was tough for the supporters to watch as well.

It took only 8 minutes for the home side to expose the G’s defensive frailty when Ash attacked down their left wing and with a simple ball into the 6-yard box, which somehow evaded the G’s defensive line, they set up a simple tap in from close range.

On 37 minutes Joe Lewis was penalised for a pretty agricultural challenge inside the area. So, we were 2-0 down, awaiting half time, when we saw a dramatic change in the G’s fortunes and at last the possibility of getting something from the game.

With Darren Wheeler playing a sort of midfield role, where he could look to distribute the ball, we had no recognised wide players. Chris Bourke found space out on the left from where he delivered a good high diagonal ball in to the Ash 6-yard box, where it seemed the home keeper pushed the ball out and wide, only for it to be headed back towards goal and finally put into the net by Ollie Stevens from close range. In truth it did have an air of offside to it, but the ref, having had a chat with his assistant on that side, was happy to grant the goal. 2-1.

Then just some 3 – 4 minutes later with the G’s finally developing a bit of steam the ball was played back to Darren on the edge of the area where he set himself and hit as sweet a low curling shot as you will see that nestled into the net. Out of the blue we were back on level terms and it shook the home side.

Early on in the second half we had a chance to go into the lead when Jack Cleeveley had a chance from a cross, which he could not convert. Had that gone in who knows what would have happened.

Almost immediately the home side broke quickly and won a corner on their right. Unfortunately, they were able to convert the opportunity virtually unchallenged.as the ball was played in to the Gs 6-yard box the towering No 7 headed home. 3-2 down. Within about 8 -10 minutes they had added two more making it 5-2.

To add to the G’s woes the “on form striker” Ollie Stevens was taken off limping after a challenge. This saw another new face in the way of Samba Betts take to the pitch.

Not long after Taylor Davis also came on at right back to replace Curtis Osano who also seemed to be struggling. This meant that Reegan Scotcher ended up partnering Joe Lewis as centre backs. Dom Hardisty made up the back four. The final nail in the coffin was the home sides fourth goal in the second half.

Michael was not available, so no stats I am afraid, and probably a good thing as it happened.

Let’s hope that Jack, Curtis and Ollie are all available again for our next league encounter along with Ryan Villa and Oghale Ogbaudu.


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