Godalming Town FC

Cherstey (A)

Chertsey 1 – 0 Godalming Town

This was a crucial fixture for the Gees in their fight to avoid relegation at Chertsey who are only just above the Gees in the table.

They were without the injured Jack Howard Ben Cotton, Tom Biss and Bobby Bennett and a good few others. But, to be honest we have seen so many different players this season it is far from clear to me which players are still “on the books”.

That said there was a pretty good selection of players warming up as we arrived including some new names including at left back Tommy Batten and at centre back Joe Blendell, both apparently previously at Chertsey until a day or so ago!

Aiden Upward was in goal, Josh Kempton, Alex Rodrigues, Joe Blendell and Tommy Batten made  the back four with Chad Goutier in front. Bobby Webbe and Lee Boon a bit further forward with Piers Oldland and Ben Toye the wide players and John Bennett at number 9. On the bench were Lewis Lodge, Josh Pound, Romario Hart, Hakim Griffiths.

There was little football played by either side and few chances created. But for the Gees John Bennett looked lively up front and after 38 minutes when the visitors won their first penalty the ball was played deep past the far post and was headed back towards the 6 yard box where Bennett managed to hook the ball back over his shoulder, only for it to hit the far post and bounce clear.

At the back Joe Blendell also impressed looking like he had played alongside “Roders” for ages.

HT Cherstey 0-0 Godalming

Early in the second half the Gees defence was caught out when the home side broke quickly and attacked down their right and then pulled the ball into the centre of the pitch, where Josh Kempton was left “holding the fort” and became entangled with the advancing forward.  So, the home side were awarded a free kick plumb centre of the pitch a few metres outside the penalty area. Despite a defensive wall the free kick was hit hard and low to the left of Aiden, just inside the post.

The Gees did have a couple of chances for John Bennett who brought a good save from the home keeper and Lee Boon who lifted a shot over the bar.  However, the home side had a couple of much better chances that they either they could not convert or were thwarted by Aiden.

Romario Hart was brought on for Ben Toye, who had been introduced to the home number 4 on a number of occasions. Romario was lively and caused the home defence a few problems.  Lewis Lodge made an appearance later for Piers as did Josh Pound who came on for Josh Kempton who had had a good game as usual.

A huge disappointment for the Gees supporters and the team. It is hard to see where the points will come from, but come they must.


Michael (Stato) Stats

Teams           Cherstey FC        Gees

attempts           12                      9

on target             7                        4

corners                4                        1

fouls                   11                      18

yellows                 1                        2

poss% 1st          50                      50

poss% 2nd        48                      52


balls kicked out the park;  9

Bovril status:  Cubes again – a rare breed of square cattle providing the beefy magic at the Curfews.  What is great about cubes is their inability to totally dissolve in a regulation polystyrene cup.  The last mouthful takes you by surprise with its intense saltiness.  Makes expensive cardiac testing equipment redundant – if your ticker survives the last gulp test then it is in great shape for sure.



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