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Scuppered by the recent weather saw us miss the games against Molesey (home) and East Grinstead (away). When I took over with my staff we looked at the fixtures and these were two games we thought we should be taking three points from, and start to turn the loosing habit the club has adopted into a winning one. The good news is we still have to play them before the season ends.

We  recently played a very slick Carshalton Athletic side who had previously beaten the club 10-0 under Andy Hunt. We were disappointed by the 0-3 result a Wey Court but took some encouragement from the performance, especially in the second half.

The system we put in place largely negated Carshalton and was only due to mistakes that they scored their goals. With a new system for that game and the current players being unfamiliar with it gave us the opportunity at half time to correct them. The players now had a starting reference to the positions that they needed to adopt upon our instructions. This was a real positive to see the instructions asked of them carried out in large parts through the second half.

However, the evening was soured for me before the kick off by the lack of commitment from some players. This left the team and the bench short of what it should be. I have made it my mission this week to overcome these issues and to make sure they do not repeat on us.

Signing new players at the club is not as quick a process as I would have liked. We strive to make sure that the players coming in to our dressing room show all the mental attributes that we will need for our situation this term and looking into next. Myself and the coaching staff always prefer a familiarity within our camp as opposed to a complete overhaul one week to the next.

I would however like to welcome Callum Eagle from Combined Counties League leaders Hartley Wintney. Callum is a solid defender and I am glad he has chosen to come to Godalming with us.

Thank you for your support in this difficult time. Lets stick together and see what we can do!





Hello, this is the first opportunity I have had to say hello to the supporters of Godalming Town FC.

I would like to start by saying thank you for making me feel so welcome to your wonderful club.

I am proud to be managing your club and assure you I am going to give it all I have.

We have a huge task in front of us at the club to maintain step four football. The outcome may be out of our hands if all the other teams around us pick up points. However, I can assure you that the team in my tenure will never cease to try their very best; and I always like to think positively.

Whatever the outcome may be the challenges in front of us will hold us in good shape to start next season.

I look forward to getting to know you all in due course in and around the football club.

I will say that I am always approachable if you have any questions for me. I am answerable to you all as fans and I will always be honest and act with integrity for the club.

The transition from my last club Camberley Town FC to the G’s has not been without its problems and I would also say the change of management leaving has been equally problematic. Add to this the difficult time of year it’s been a challenge to say the least.

But I love a challenge! And now the dust appears to be settling I can start to fully implement my football and players to obtain my goals for the club. I would love to click my fingers and say it’s complete but the rules from the FA and other factors do not allow. We will get there! I am working hard to learn existing players, attract new players and assemble something we can all be proud of.

I would like you to welcome some new additions to the coaching staff and to also thank Adam Roots the development manager for his help to me and the club over the transitional period. You have been brilliant Adam well done.

Sam Rafique will come in as my coach. Sam has been with me for four and a half seasons and we complement each other very well.

Mark Whitely will come into the dressing room as another coach/Physio mark has been with me for two seasons now and is never flustered. A cool head to have around.

Dave Hill will come in as my goal keeping coach. Dave is great in the dugout and will get O’Neal ready for the games and train him in the week. Again, Dave and I have worked together for the last two season.

You may also see my father Paul around the ground if he is not scouting other games for us. My father is a great aid to me and an important council in some of the decisions we make on and off the pitch.

Steve Davis who is a coach to the successful lady’s team with Darren Wheeler will also be heavily involved in the coaching staff. I’m sure that he will fit in and for now makes up the final part of our coaching team.


The new players who have arrived have all worked with me in the past. I feel this gives us a greater chance of success as they are calibrated to me. Having said that I would want them all at the club because they have real quality and an appetite like mine to football.

Matt Bunyan a centre forward and Carl Garstang a left back have both come from Camberley Town with me. Bobby Dormer a centre midfield from Guildford City and Nick Sowden another centre midfielder from Badshot Lea.

They all have a wealth of experience from around the leagues and will give us a real value add.

The game against Faversham saw us denied a point with 15 seconds remaining. In an open game, I felt we had enough good chances, especially late on to take all three points but a point would have probably been fair. A harsh sending off for two yellows on new signing Nick Sowden saw the game change somewhat and despite some valiant defending we conceded two late goals. Luck when you’re down the bottom is so often a hard thing to find but I’m sure it will all equal out over a season.

Proud of the lads and there approach it gives us some positives to move forward with in the games ahead. We are now asking questions to our opposition and not waiting to see what happens.

Thank you for having me at your club! I hope we have some great times together.