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Farnham Town (H)

Provided by Dave Ewing

Godalming 1-3 Farnham Town

I had this report planned out days ahead of the game.  It was going to be a musical number.   Opening with a couple of verses of “G’Army” followed by “Hello Hello One in a row” and ending with a rousing refrain of “We’re on the march with Gav and Jons ‘s army”…  All accompanied by a sing-a-long audio cassette complete with bouncing ball to keep us in time.

The reason for such melodic optimism was the last time we met Farnham in the FA cup we won convincingly 3-0 and I remember that they never really looked like scoring.  Fast forward a couple of months and things are very different.  Farnham re-visited Wey Court on the back of 10 games in a row without a loss.

Farnham quickly showed they meant business. They creating the best early chance with a low ball passed menacingly on front of the Gees goal.   13 minutes in and they hit the back of the net only to have the goal disallowed for offside.   This was a positive feature of this half as the Godalming line caught Farnham offside repeatedly.  However in the 22nd minute Farnham were on the break again – this time no flag – and a Rory Sellick tackle inside the box was deemed rough enough to award a penalty.  Dimitrios in goal did a few energetic star jumps in front of the poor Farnham striker and proceeded to save the penalty.  However, as our cheers were still ringing round the ground, the Gees did not managed to clear the rebound and Adam Horton had the ball in the back of the net.  Farnham one up.

This seemed to galvanise Godalming who played better towards the end of the half.  With 35 minutes gone Jon Bennet, our tall no. 10, hit a cracking shot that had the Farnham keeper beaten and was heading straight for the back of the net bar form one Farnham defender who managed to get his shin in the way of the ball.  It must have stung but it saved their bacon.  But not for long.  The Gees pushed on and 42 minutes in a cross from Jon bennet was scooped into the Farnham net by their own No. 5 Dougie Ford.

HT Godalming 1-1 Farnham Town

Tied at half time.   All was not lost and I think I saw Hendo quietly warming up on the comb and paper ready for an all-star Gees sing-a-long at the end.   However it was Farnham who started the second half with more will to win.  They piled on the pressure and provoked series of great saves from Dimitrios.  He was simply outstanding and was deservedly our man of the match!

Godalming might have weathered this had they not put pressure on themselves.  Several times the Gees had the chance to break away, to move the ball up the park and turn the tables.  But each time they conspired to give the ball away through poor passing/communication allowing Farnham to keep pressing.  In the 70th minute the inevitable happened and Jordan Stepney powered home a fine goal.  Godalming did try to come back but we were indecisive in attack and in the 82nd minute another squandered Godalming effort saw Farnahm on the counter and Sam Slater put the ball in the net for their third.  This just about killed any further resistance.

Hendo quietly slipped his comb back in his pocket ready for another day whilst the Farnham fans hummed  “Hello Hello 11 in a row…”.  And deservedly so!

Micheal (Stato) Stats

Teams                      G’s                            Farnham

Attempts                  10                                       14

On target                   6                                         9

Corners                      4                                        4

Fouls                           9                                     20

Poss% 1st                42                                      58

Poss% 2nd              40                                      60

Yellows                      2                                         1


Bovril spritz still on ice


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