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Lewes 3  –  0 Godalming

Apologies for the lateness of the report, but with family, work and other commitments it has been a very busy time.

 But to be honest there was not much good to report about the game from a Gs point of view as you can see from Michael’s stats. Disappointing after the three points won at Walton Casuals only a few days earlier.

Once again there were forced changes to the Gs squad and from a brief chat with Dean before kick off it was clear that he felt the footballing gods were still not smiling upon them.  Graeme Purdy was away and unavailable, Matt Males was on the bench, but unwell so unlikely to take part. So Jack Battie who has played almost every position apart from in goal was required to partner Chris Musgrove in the absence of a second recognised centre back. We were still without the stalwart Nick Hutchings who has been a corner stone of the defence for the past 4 seasons.

The weather did not help the general mood as a fog threatened to engulf the pitch. It was rumoured early in the second half that the ref was handing out mince pies instead of yellow cards. Certainly could not see much from where I was but I am sure Hendo will have noted.

The only good news was that captain Chris Wales had another good performance as did Jack Mazzone who once again was tremendous both up front and when required to lend a hand in defence. There was no lack of effort from the Gs as they hustled and bustled, but really were not able to get the two fast wide men into the game enough to make an impression on the home sides defence.

This is the time of year when we all play stupid games. So here is the team straight from the voice recognition email on my phone. See if you can work out the team!

The Days to Die starting with the same saying that finished against with an entirely in gold call Bailey Sean Mason Chris Wales Christmas clothes Jack BT William fmb Ryan zgemma Matthew Price Jack design up front with a van der Lopez wife on the bench Steve crown imela Callum Attwood matte nails

 The lineup head Jack Battery Park marine Chris Mo Nova centre backs deli on the right or left Wales playing in front of the back for with William assembly on the right wing and vendor Lopez on the left and prize swapping roles of fun.

Anyway with the departure of Dean we have to look to support Adam Roots who has done so well with the Development Squad and we all have great respect for. Clearly the task of  keeping the Gs up is considerable, but by no means impossible. We have seen what can be achieved on the odd occasion and we simply need to win a few more games than those other sides in the drop zone.


Lewes      G;s

attempts    17               7

on target     8                1

corners       1                 0

fouls           12              12

Poss 1st    60              40

Poss 2nd  52               48



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