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Walton & Hersham (H)

Godalming 2 – 2 Walton and Hersham 

I cannot understand why we expect football to be played at the height of the summer. They tell us that we must be prepared for the effects of Global Warming so why do the football authorities expect games to be played in temperatures nearing 30 deg C when it was tiring enough to just stand and watch, let alone play? I see that there are proposals now to play for 11 months of the year. Has the world gone completely mad? Perhaps we are waiting to see if players will actually melt.

It used to be the case that many footballers turned their hand to cricket in the Summer. I remember at least one legendary Gs player who was not available for the first few games of the season for that reason. Not sure whether to feel relieved that the lads got their first point of the season or to feel annoyed that we did not take all three points, which in my book were well deserved.

It was good to see Ollie Stevens back in the number 9 shirt and hope that we see plenty more of him in the coming weeks. For once the Gs got off to a flying start going ahead after a corner only 3 minutes beyond the start. I did not see the goal but it seemed to me that the players were congratulating Ollie so I have to stick with that although I see Joe Lewis has also been credited with it.

The home side were totally dominating play at the start and shortly after the opening goal. Another corner for the Gs saw Ollie and Mo both going for the ball and it ended up going over the bar. Kenny was on fire again and wiggled his way through to be finally thwarted by the visiting keeper who got down well to block his shot from point blank range. Missed opportunities come back to bite you in the bum. Who knows what the result would have been if one or two of these efforts had found the net?

But after such a good start and then a water break the Gs seemed to be a bit off the pace when the play restarted and Walton attacked down their left and managed to beat Jordan at his near post, as probably their first real attack.

The Gs went close again with headers from Ollie and had other opportunities.

Walton then mounted a second attack and found their way through the home defence with a fortunate rebound or two before getting a shot in which Jordan dived to his left to push away, but the ball crept agonisingly just inside the far post.

HT Godaming 1-2 Walton and Hersham

Not sure if there will be any scientific stats from Michael as I saw him at the game, but they must have only just made it back to Angleterre so assume that they made their way back across the channel under the cover of darkness before Boris intervened.

Fortunately, the home side started the second half as well as they did the first and after only a couple of minutes drew level. Ollie received the ball in the centre of the pitch and advanced towards goal before slipping the ball out to Francis Sey on his left at the edge of the area. He cut in and delivered a shot that rebounded off the keeper and fortunately Kenny Kassabante was on hand to slam the ball into the net. No more than Kenny deserves after some strong performances in recent games.

The Gs were battering the visitor’s goal and some good work from Richie Mbele almost bore fruit, but again was saved by the Walton keeper, who was having a good game. Darren Wheeler was taken off in favour of Jake Heard who was returning from a spell of injury and he seemed to get into the game quickly. Another good free kick from Joe Lewis on the Gs right saw the ball curl towards Ollie’s head, but despite getting a good contact again the visiting keeper saved for Walton. Richie Mbele got through again only to see his shot go over the bar.

It was all the Gs in the last quarter and Kenny again looked like he could settle it for us, but it was not to be, as again the visiting keeper earned his team’s gratitude with another save from close range off Kenny’s left foot.

Whilst the Gs were still without Curtis Osano, Adam Bricknell and the hero’s of the last couple of games Ethan Kaiser and Rory Sellick there were some new faces in the squad who played very well. Rasion Francis at the back and Ben Baucher in the midfield looked the part for me and Jake Heard came on in the second half for Darren and also looked good. After Mo Amgher took a nasty blow to the face during a challenge Liam Gadd came in at right back and also looked comfortable.

A pretty dominant performance from the Gs, but for me they did not get what they deserved.





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