Will We Be Kicking Off Again?

Following on from the Government’s announcement regarding the new COVID Tier system, we await guidance from the Combined Counties League on what a possible resumption of football will look like for us. One of the big questions is we will be able to sell alcohol at the ground. As you can imagine this makes up a good part of our match day income – as it does for many clubs in our league. Here is an update from Alan Constable of the Combined Countied League issued yesterday. We will keep you posted.

The Chairman and I attended the FA meeting this evening, along with all the other Step 5/6 leagues

With all our clubs (bar Jersey who come under the Jersey Government) in Tier 2, it is the case that whilst you can have paying spectators at your matches, you cannot open the bar unless you are serving a “substantial meal” with it. No-one was able to define exactly what was meant by substantial!   Because of this some clubs may feel they cannot carry on playing without bar income whilst others will take the view that, at least, they are getting some income through the gate.  As a League we don’t feel that we can insist one way or the other but the FA have stated that they remain keen to complete the season, using PPG where they have to, to allow the restructure to go ahead.  We hoped that the FA may have been able to come to some form of arrangement with the DCMS but that has not been the case.

A proposal which would give clubs some choice over their home matches has, therefore, been submitted to the Board this evening and it will be finalised and sent to you sometime tomorrow.


Alan C