G’s Deserved More than a Point vs Worthing

Report by Graham Harris
Godalming (0) 1 – 1 (1) Worthing
This looked to be a tough fixture again for the G’s team, so it was a bit of a shock to see that there were some notable omissions from the team as we arrived and only two subs listed. Presumably because it is the Bank Holiday weekend commitments.
However, in the end it turned out that the G’s had so much possession and territory throughout the game and yet somehow failed to get on the score sheet until the last few minutes. It became a frustrating and tense watch. It was a travesty. Hendo says so. So, it must be true.
Never in the field of football conflict has a team been quite so dominant and yet failed to make it tell.
Worthing must be very happy to have taken a point from this encounter as they did very little to deserve it, in fact I cannot recall Adrian having to make a save in open play throughout the game, but perhaps it is my memory.
Matt Cox made his first start this season at left wing back, with Ethan Fishpool at right wing back. Sam Taylor Luke Beale and James Colinese made up the three centre backs in front of Adrian Giles in goal. Lucca Scanella, Jahobi Mayer and Kurt Greenaway made up the midfield with James Frudd and Cameron Edwin up front. The subs on the bench were Byron Watt and Vinny Martin.
The G’s started well, taking the game to their visitors whilst playing towards the training ground end of the pitch. Despite being without quite a few regular players, including the two Connors, Blanchard and Young and Sam Boultwood they were putting pressure on their guests.
After about ten minutes James Frudd made a run down the right wing and hit a good cross, which a Worthing defender played on to the inside of his own upright and then fortunately for him saw the ball bounce straight into his keeper’s arms.
The G’s also had a decent shout for a penalty when Cameron was brought down inside the box, but the referee was not having it. But he did have a word with Cameron.
The G’s had other opportunities in front of goal but, either put them wide, or in one case hit a wonderful air shot, when only a few metres from the goal line.
Then with just over 30 minutes played, on a rare incursion into the G’s half, a Worthing forward was brought down by a challenge from Ethan and this time the ref pointed to the spot. Worthing 1-0 up against the run of play.
So, it was 0-1 at half time. I saw Pete Hirons at half time and he made the prediction that the G’s would end up winning 2-1. Probably because that has been the case on the last two games and he was worried I would have no finger nails left by the end of the match.
There was no lack of effort from the lads and they just kept on building pressure, winning corners and going close. Cameron kept making runs and James Frudd had a few shots. He even got the ball in the net after some very decent build-up play, only for it to be called offside.
Any breaks from Worthing seemed to be well dealt with by the G’s defenders.
In the end, Cameron, who had had another good game, was brought down, with only a few minutes of the game left. To his credit Cameron stepped up to take it, as he did at Roffey. This time however he did not seem to get the best of contacts on the ball and to the Worthing keeper’s credit he was able to get down to it and push the ball wide and to his left. Fortunately for the G’s James Frudd was following up and was first to the ball before crossing low across the face of the goal where Cameron was able to crouch down enough to get in a deflected header to turn the ball into the net.
If we had a man of the match award to give I think it would have to go to James Frudd. He and Cameron both work very hard, even in the defensive situations, when we are not in possession of the ball.
Another James – James Colinese is also worth a mention for his solid play and cool head alongside Luke and Sam.
So, to the relief of all the G’s team and supporters we managed to at least get a point out of this game in the end from a hard fought if frustrating game.
Next up it is Oakwood on Monday with an 11a.m. kick off.